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VP-MED Health and Education Centre was opened under the management of the internationally renowned varicose vein specialist, Dr Attila Szabó in the 4th district of Budapest in the summer of 2014. In addition to the varicose vein operations and treatment unique in Eastern Europe, professional education and psychiatry are also available.

In Hungary almost 80% of the population has some degree of varicose veins. More than 25% of women and 10% of men are affected by varicose vein dilation on the lower limbs, however, even more people suffer from teleangiectasias and spider vines mainly causing cosmetic problems. Besides genetic factors, several predisposing factors contribute to the development of varicose veins, such as obesity, overweight, pregnancy as well as jobs including permanent standing of sitting. Varicose vein disease, therefore, affects lots of people and does not only cause aesthetic problems but it can also cause severe complications if they remain untreated.


Dr Attila Szabó, vascular surgeon and Dr Olga Szegvári, psychiatrist cut the ribbon

In the new European-level VP-Med Health and Education Centre we primarily specialise in vascular surgery, outpatient varicose vein treatments, vein development disorders and compression treatments. Doppler and ultrasound circulatory examinations are included in the complex treatment but, if deems necessary, we also perform additional instrumental and laboratory examinations as well as ECGs in our health centre equipped with the most advanced devices.

In the name of the health centre “V” stands for varicose vein therapy while “P” stands for psychiatry. How are these fields linked? The new private health centre was established as a family enterprise and the “other half” of the family, Dr Olga Szegvári, psychiatrist specialises in psychotherapy. This is behind the slogan change: “Healthy legs, healthy mind.”

Today there are several varicose vein treatments which are not only painless but they do not require anaesthesia either. The great advantage of these treatments is that the patient can leave on foot and does not have to stay away from work for a longer period of time. However, if the patient requires anaesthesia, all means are available to provide a painless procedure.

Medical technology has developed a great deal over the past ten years. First laser, then radiofrequency devices were introduced. Dr Attila Szabó was the first at Semmelweis University to apply radiofrequency varicose vein treatment and now he is the only one in Eastern Europe to perform varicose vein operations with the ClariVein mechano-chemical method requiring no anaesthesia.


At the opening ceremony guests take a look at the operation room where the varicose vein operations unique in Eastern Europe are performed with the most advanced equipment

Dr Attila Szabó, vascular surgeon and varicose vein specialist emphasized that these procedures were performed without a single cut and without any bleeding.  Patients get up after the operation, go home and continue their routine activities.

Treatment performed with the F Care Systems EVRF radiofrequency device  are the most effective in treating small veins and spider veins. We highly recommend it for the treatment of teleangiectasias, spider veins and red spots as well as dilated capillaries on the face. The results are visible within 24-48 hours. The procedure is nearly painless, does not require anaesthesia and can be applied on any body part including the face and the knee and ankle area.

Venereal occlusion with tissue glue is first available at VP-Med in Hungary and also in Eastern Europe, the safety of the procedure is guaranteed by the special training and by the experience obtained during the previous operations.

We are planning to establish a national and international further training centre within our health centre. We intend to function as an education base, therefore, the centre was designed to be capable of hosting further trainings for 10-12 participants and an internal video system was installed to broadcast the operations live.

In the centre psychiatric and psychotherapy practice is also available. Dr Olga Szegvári psychiatrist is specialised in treating anxiety disorders, depression, panic and phobias as well as in holding stress management and efficiency increasing, communication development trainings and applying EMDR stabilising techniques, couple and family therapy consultation and mindfulness technique.

View the photo galleries of the health centre and the opening ceremony.

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